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Ways to Clean Steel Wool

Steel wool is useful in the kitchen and outside. While Stainless steel and nonstick pots don’t need cleaning with steel wool, it is not so for regular pans and cooking pots made of cast aluminum, as well as some kitchen surfaces. These can be difficult to clean and require scrubbing with steel wool. The wool itself also needs to be kept clean once you are done with the scrubbing. The main challenge faced is often is getting the food and grease out. Cleaning you steel wool is a good hygiene practice that can also help to elongate the wool’s lifespan. Let’s take a look at how to clean steel wool and use it for longer.

  • Shake it out: Most of the food particles stuck in the wool can be removed by shaking it for a while. This is effective in getting a good amount of food out, but will not work on the grease.
  • Use soap: A good soap will get the grease out of your steel wool
  • Run under hot water: An effective way to get grease out of steel wool is to run it under high pressure, hot water tap for some time. Just be careful not to get burnt.
  • Prevent rust: to keep your wool from rusting; you can keep immersed in a mixture of cool water and baking soda which you should replace regularly. You could also just freeze it.

This is a collection of suggested tips that might help, but the same steel wool can’t be used forever. You will have to replace it from time to time, before it gets gross. The good thing is that it’s not too expensive.


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