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Choosing the Right 1300 Number for Herndon International Business

Are you running a business in Herndon that serves international clients, especially in Australia? If this is you. You need to buy a 1300 number for your business. The only issue will arise when choosing which number is ideal for your business. You will have your 1300 number for a long time, and you must be prepared to choose the best in that case.

1300 numbers have great advantages for your business, and there are almost one million numbers to choose from. The good thing, most of them are memorable. Below is a simple guide for you.

Normal Issue Numbers

When choosing a 1300 number, the first decision comes in picking between a normal issue and a smart number or phone words. Normal issue numbers, just like the name suggests, are normally issued just like a landline or mobile phone numbers. These numbers are great, if you do not mind whether your business’ number is memorable to your customers and need a professional option.

The numbers offer you a simple way of separating your personal life from your business, and they are greatly affordable. These numbers are random and do not appear in any memorable sequence making them appear professional. These numbers are preferred since they expand your reach and allow customers who would be deterred by landline calls to reach to you.

Smart Numbers/ PhoneWords

If you are in an industry where competition is so high, you will need a number that is easy to remember, and this is where smart numbers come in. These numbers, also referred to as phone words, either spell words (such as 1 300 PIZZA) or they come in easy to remember patterns (such as 1 300 50 50 50). With such a number, your clients only need to see it once, and they will remember it for a long time.

Picking a number that spells your business name or is associated with your brand comes in handy when supporting your marketing campaigns. It can also be used to communicate to people the kind of services or products you offer – you can also use them as your domain name or product.

What to Choose

If your business is on a tight budget and you do not mind whether your number is memorable or not as long as it has the features of a 1300 number, pick normal issue numbers. If you’re willing to spend a couple more bucks to get the number you want, smart numbers will be a great option for you. You can get them for up to $250.

Normal issue numbers are readily available, and you will acquire them at no additional cost from any telco, but smart numbers require you to have rights of use from RoU.

Get a Number Today

Irrespective of the number you choose, as long as you have the cheapest 1300 number provider, you will be well covered. Once you have chosen the best provider, they can even help you choose between the two numbers based on your business needs. Pick the best number keeping in mind that you will be stuck with it for a long time.

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